ATTENTION FOR North American Customers: 

!!! Make sure your printer's paper size setting are set to A4  !!! ( How To )


Below is the comparison between Mr-Label's online tool and offline template.

If you prefer to use our offline Microsoft Word Template, please click here "MR182 Offline Print Template"

Printing Tips:

- Identify Sheet Size First, A4 Or US Letter Size?

You can find the sheet size on the package, and make sure the printer options are set to the correct paper size!

- Print Ratio Setting.

Make sure your print options are set to 'Actual Size' or 1:1 print ratio. If there is a "Fit to Page" in the Print Dialog, or any kind of setting that stretches the image. Switch it off.

- Laser or Inkjet?

Some Labels can only been printed by a Laser Printer, Some labels can work well on both Laser and Inkjet Printer, Pay attention to the product description.

- Adjust font size

Printers have an accuracy of approximately plus or minus 1mm in the vertical and in the horizontal, and the paper can also rotate slightly as it goes through the printer. You need to take this into account when you design your labels, adjust the font size is an easy way to compensate the deviation.

- First time print

First print onto plain white paper then hold up to the light against a sheet of labels to check that your design is roughly aligned.  Adjust your printer and design if necessary.

More key Label Printing Tips (Highly recommend to read it through if you have no experience with label printing)


What is Flag Cable Label

Flag cable is also called "P typed label" because of its shape.  They were widely used on the labeling of optical fiber cables.

Flag cable label consists of three printable area,  A side, B side, and Flag Area.  Since Flag Area will be hidden between A side and B side when applied in field, we usually print information only on A side and B side.

Six methods to use

1 If all the cable labels have the same content, then you can generate the PDF file directly.

2 If you only have less than 100 cable labels to print, and the label's content are different from each other, you can use the online data entry form to generate the PDF file.

3 If you have hundreds of cable labels to print, and these label content are stored in spread sheet, then you can download our Excel DATA ENTRY FORM, copy your data to the Excel DATA ENTRY FORM, then upload and generate the PDF file.

4 If you want to put an image on your cable labels.For example, your company's LOGO

5 If you want to put an barcode on your cable labels. we support EAN,UPC,Code128, Code39 etc.

6 If you want to put an QR code on your cable labels, for example your company's web site address.


1. Static Content

If all the labels have the same content.

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Go to ( 日本语 ) »

2. Online Data Entry Form

If you only have less than 100 cable labels to print, and you don't have OpenOffice or Microsoft Word/Excel installed

And your label's content are different from each other

Go to ( English ) » 
Go to ( 日本语 ) »

3. Excel Data Entry Form

You have the highest productivity.

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4. Image On Cable Labels

Your company's logo Matters.

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5. Barcode On Cable Labels

Place a barcode.

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6. QR Code On Cable Labels

Place a link by QR code.

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