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Massive Print Using Microsoft Word’s “Mail Merge” Function

This is the simplest way to handle massive label content, the disadvantage is that you can’t create Barcode or QR code from variate data source, yet you can still insert static image of Barcode or Qr code.

Download “Guidance For Using Mail Merge Function on Word Template.pdf

ATTENTION: For customers who use Word on Mac OS, there is no longer a “Step by step mail merge wizard”. Do remember to use the “list” function rather than “labels”.  

5 thoughts on “Massive Print Using Microsoft Word’s “Mail Merge” Function

  1. worst site EVER regret buying your product never again

    1. Dear customer,
      Please feel free to contact us by e-mail about the difficult you meet when using the labels.
      Best Regards

  2. I bought the water bottle labels, model code MR535. I have watched your “tutorials” and there is no explanation, only someone clicking on too many things to figure out what to do! I simply want to say Happy Birthday with my son’s name and have an age appropriate design!!! Why are these templates so difficult???

    1. Dear customer,
      If the mail merge templates are not suitable for you. You can download Normal Microsoft Template, just type some words and print.
      Best Regards

  3. Thanks for the blog post.Really thank you! Really Cool.

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