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MR535 – 205.9 x 50.8mm – US Letter Sheet – 5 Rectangle Labels

Model Code: MR535

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Template Specifications

Sheet Size:215.9mm x 279.4mm Labels Per Sheet:5
Number Across 1 Number Down 5
Label Width:205.9mm Label Height:50.8mm
Top Margin:6.7mm Bottom Margin:6.7mm
Left Margin:5mmRight Margin:5mm
Horizontal Spacing:0Vertical Spacing:3mm
Horizontal Pitch:0Vertical Pitch:53.8mm

10 thoughts on “MR535 – 205.9 x 50.8mm – US Letter Sheet – 5 Rectangle Labels

  1. I want to know can I use the PDF Template to use in The Adobe Program such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign because I am a graphic design student and I use adobe programs.

    1. Dear customer,
      Yes, you can use Adobe Program to open the PDF Template to design your own artwork.

  2. Can i use this template in Silhouette studios?!

    1. Dear customer,
      We are not sure, you can try by using a normal US Letter Sheet.

  3. I’ve downloaded several different templates for the MR535 label. I can[t get the template to show 5 labels it only gives me 4 I don’t want to print it that way because I’m afraid it will skip a label I’ve never had such a difficult time with a template I’m very frustrated. Suggestions on how to get the template correctly into Pages?

    1. Dear customer,
      We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience we bring to you.
      We have revise the templates, and sent to your email. Please check.
      Any further questions please feel free to contact us.

  4. The template does not download correctly. I have a MAC and it overlaps and cuts part of the template off. I have used this before and this is the first time it has done this. I use microsoft word for MAC OS.

    1. Dear customer,
      You can download Word Template from Normal Microsoft Template>Portrait ( for MAC OS ).
      Best Regards

  5. why will it not print without the black border lines? i dont want the border on my label. how do i print without them?

    1. Dear rj.420,

      Thank you for reaching out to us regarding the issue with black borders appearing when printing using our templates. I’m here to assist you in resolving this matter.

      To better assist you, could you please let me know which format of the template you are using? If it’s a Canva blank template, after completing your design, you can click on the edge to select the layer with the black label border, then choose ‘transparency’ and set it to 0. Afterward, save it as a PDF and proceed with printing.

      If you’re using a Word template, our templates are designed not to print the border by default. In case you’re experiencing black borders with a Word template, please try the following: Open Word options, go to “Display”, and uncheck “Print background colors and images”.

      For other template formats or if the issue persists, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email at for further assistance.

      We’re committed to ensuring a smooth and satisfactory experience with our products and look forward to resolving your issue promptly.

      Warm regards,
      Mr. Label

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