MR269 – 63.5 x 36.1mm – US Letter Sheet – 21 Scallop Oval

Model Code: MR269

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Template Specifications

Sheet Size:215.9mm x 279.4mm Labels Per Sheet:21
Number Across 3 Number Down 7
Label Width:63.5mm Label Height:36.1mm
Top Margin:7.35mm Bottom Margin:7.35mm
Left Margin:10.2mm Right Margin:10.2mm
Horizontal Spacing:2.5 mmVertical Spacing:2 mm
Horizontal Pitch:66 mmVertical Pitch:38.1 mm

4 thoughts on “MR269 – 63.5 x 36.1mm – US Letter Sheet – 21 Scallop Oval”

  1. Deborah Mershimer

    When I first saw these labels, one of the examples had a border line around the inside of the perimeter.
    I’d love to recreate that but unsure how to go about it. Could it be added to your template?

    1. Dear customer,
      We usually remove the border on the template,you can download PDF template which has border on it.
      Best Regards

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