Mr-Label 63.5 x 38.1mm Waterproof Removabl Labels – A4 Sheet- Tear-Resistant stickers for Kitchen use | Organising and filing – Laser Printer Only


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  • REMOVABLE SELF-ADHESIVE: The adhesive on these labels is a low tack water based rubber removable adhesive designed to provide light adhesion and easy removability. Removable labels are chosen when there is a need for a temporary label that can easily be removed when the information on the label is either no longer needed or out of date.
  • ALL WEATHER USE: They are waterproof, tear-resistant, oil-proof, flexible and self-adhesive. Unlike the traditional label which may fade or be damaged easily, they stay in good shape and holding fast in outdoor use.
  • WATER/OIL PROOF AND TEAR-RESISTANT: These labels are designed to provide waterproof and ter-resistant. Unlike the traditional label which may fade or be damaged easily, they stay in good shape and holding fast in outdoor/kitchen use.
  • PRINTABLE & HANDWRITTEN: For print, you can design your own unique content or logo and print it on these labels by a laser printer, it’s easy for you to operate and convenient to use. For handwritten, you could use a mark pen write words on it specially.
  • EXPERIENCE MULTI-FUNCTION: Keep your fridge cleaner and more organized. Kitchen use| Outdoor use| Auction houses| Manufacturing and storage| Organizing and filing| Removal companies


Products and gifts -They are particularly suited for use on items that are intended as gifts, or when a label is stuck directly onto an item itself and the item is made of a delicate material like glass or paper items such as books and cards. They are also suitable as temporary signs on shelves, displays, and products for various purposes including directions, information, or marketing and promotional messages that can be updated or removed as required.
Auction houses – auction houses have a specific need to make sure that all of their items are correctly labelled, so that they can be identified throughout the auction process by staff and prospective bidders alike, before the labels are removed once an item is sold. They also need to make sure that the labels used will not damage the items being sold, particularly old and/or delicate items that are more susceptible to harm.
Manufacturing and storage – the removable adhesive makes these labels ideal for temporarily adding identifying information or instructions to products during the manufacturing process and storage, before being removed during the final packing and distribution stage, particularly for items that have a delicate or decorative surface.
Organising and filing – these labels can be used in filing systems where temporary notes are applied to important files and documents then removed as files are passed on or as information is updated on a regular basis. They can also be used as temporary notes and reminders, as stickers on calendars and rotas, or as temporary instruction or warning signs such as “out of order” notices.
Removal companies – these labels are a popular choice for use during home or office moves. Individual items or boxes can be clearly labelled with identifying information, quantities, and instructions to ensure that they arrive safely before the labels are removed at the new location.

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