MR178 – 25.4 x 57.2mm – A4 Sheet – 28 Wrap-around Cable Labels

Model Code: MR178

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Template Specifications

Sheet Size:297 mm x 210 mm Labels Per Sheet:28
Number Across 7 Number Down 4
Label Width:25.4 mm Label Height:57.2 mm
Top Margin: 11.611 mmBottom Margin: 11.611 mm
Left Margin: 8.628 mmRight Margin: 8.628 mm
Horizontal Spacing: 2.498 mmVertical Spacing: 14.979 mm
Horizontal Pitch: 27.898 mmVertical Pitch: 72.179 mm

15 thoughts on “MR178 – 25.4 x 57.2mm – A4 Sheet – 28 Wrap-around Cable Labels”

    1. Dear customer,
      Excel forms cannot make accurate templates. You can refer to our Learning Center to study “How to use addresses from an Excel worksheet to create labels in Word”. Like many skills, patience is needed especially at the beginning, but once you got it, you can handle it easily in the rest of your life.
      Here is the link:

  1. Hello, I have downloaded the MR178 template for Word, but it doesn’t seem to be right at all in terms of aligning, print versus actual place of the labels on the sheet. I have followed all instructions, laser printer, custom margins taken over automatically form the template, fit to actual size, A4, etc… But the first line seems ok-ish. The second, third and fourth are way off. Also the first column is a bit off to the right (printing on the second column a bit) and the far right one is too much aligned to the left, so it prints on the before last column.
    Anything wrong with the template? or am I overlooking something?

    1. Dear customer,
      We tested again and the template works fine. Did you try unchecking the “Scale content for A4 or8x11″ paper size” from Options>Advanced>Print?
      Best Regards

  2. Dear customer,
    Sorry for the inconvenience. Please feel free to contact us by about more details of the problem you have while using the template.
    Best Regards

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