MR610 – 57.2 x 25.4mm – US Letter Sheet – 32 Wrap-around Cable Labels

Model Code: MR610

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Template Specifications

Sheet Size:215.9 mm x 279.4 mmLabels Per Sheet:32
Number Across 8 Number Down 4
Label Width:25.4 mm Label Height:57.2 mm
Print Area Width:25.4 mmWrapping Tab Width:25.4 mm
Print Area Height:19.1 mm Wrapping Tab Height:38.1 mm
Top Margin:10.3 mm Bottom Margin:10.3 mm
Left Margin:6.35 mm Right Margin:6.35mm
Horizontal Spacing:0Vertical Spacing:10mm
Horizontal Pitch:25.4mm Vertical Pitch:67.2 mm

7 thoughts on “MR610 – 57.2 x 25.4mm – US Letter Sheet – 32 Wrap-around Cable Labels”

  1. Hi,
    I have 500 + cables to label. How can I extract the label text from an excel sheet sort of typing every single label on the template?
    Thank you
    Charles Hamilton
    Magnum Instruments

  2. In case this helps others. I downloaded MR610-MAC.docx. When I print on my Mac (running Big Sur) using Word 365 (Version 16.43) the borders are printed unless I uncheck “Drawing Objects” from “Include in Print Version”. The “Print background colors and images” was already unchecked.

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