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MR183 – Online Print Tool – Flag Cable Labels – US Letter Size Sheet

Model Code: MR183

Flag cable is also called “P typed label” because of its shape.  They were widely used on the labeling of optical fiber cables.

Flag cable label consists of three printable areas,  A side, B side, and Flag Area.  Since Flag Area will be hidden between A side and B side when applied in the field, we usually print information only on A side and B side.

MR-Label provides two online design tools.

The first one is an interactive online design APP which you can edit the labels’ contents like an ordinary image-editing software. MR-Label launched this tool in 2021. We highly recommend this tool if you are a new customer of our cable label products.

Design Now

The second one is kind of old fashion, we designed this tool back to 2016, you have limited choices and can’t see the result until you get the ready to print PDF file. Some of our old customers are accustomed to this tool, so we still make it available here.

We also provide some offline templates. You can download them here: Link

Here is a detailed description of our old fashion online design tool.

Five methods to use:

1 – If all the cable labels have the same content, then you can generate the PDF file directly.
2 – If you only have less than 100 cable labels to print, and these labels’ contents are different from each other, you can use the online data entry form to generate the PDF file.
3 – If you have hundreds of cable labels to print, and these label content are stored in spread sheet, then you can download our Excel DATA ENTRY FORM, copy your data to the Excel DATA ENTRY FORM, then upload and generate the PDF file.
4 – If you want to put an image on your cable labels.For example, your company’s LOGO
5 – If you want to put an barcode on your cable labels. we support EAN,UPC,Code128, Code39 etc.

1. Static Content
If all the labels have the same content.
Go » 

2. Online Data Entry Form
If you only have less than 100 cable labels to print, and you don’t have OpenOffice or Microsoft Word/Excel installed
And your label’s content are different from each other.
Go » 

3. Excel Data Entry Form
You have the highest productivity.
Go »

4. Image On Cable Labels
Your company’s logo Matters.
Go »

5. Barcode On Cable Labels
Place a barcode.
Go »

Label Specifications

Sheet Size:215.9 mm x 279.4 mmLabels Per Sheet:30
Number Across 3Number Down 10
Label Width:83.82 mm (3.3 inch)Label Height:25.4 mm (1 inch)
Top Margin:null Bottom Margin:null
Left Margin:nullRight Margin:null

12 thoughts on “MR183 – Online Print Tool – Flag Cable Labels – US Letter Size Sheet

  1. What size paper should I be selecting to print these labels? I can’t get them to print properly

    1. Dear customer,
      This model is suitable in US letter sheet, which is 8.5 x 11 inches.

  2. MR183 – Online Print Tool – Flag Cable Labels – 1 x 3.3 inch – US Letter Size Sheet I have purchased these from Amazon and am using MS Excel 2010 under Windows 10 with all fixes in place.

    What next do I do to enter data and how do I use 3. Excel Data Entry Form
    You have the highest productivity. Go to ( English ) »

    If the components of a 9.2 HT speakers and sources are availed anywhere I’d be most appreciative

    1. Dear customer,
      We sent you an email detailing how to use this online tool. Please check.
      Any further questions please feel free to contact us.

  3. Ok, I used the template at When I upload my file to a pdf it is five labels wide by six labels long. I don’t see any flag label paper that has that number of labels. Can you direct me to the correct label paper for this template?

    I’m also happy to utilize a different tool but just need you guys to point me in the right direction to electronically set up the labels and then print. I have about 300 labels to make.

    Any help will be appreciated.

    1. Dear customer,
      The templates works fine. Contects in Line 1 and Line 2 are correspond to the first row of 10 labels. First line has 10 labels, the layout of the labels are that the two labels face each other up and down, your can try print it on a plain US letter paper to see the effects.
      If there is any other problem please feel free to let us know.
      Best Regards

  4. Thank you for the response but you did not answer my question. I have printed it on letter. The templates work fine but what label product should I purchase for that pattern? Thanks!

    1. Dear customer,
      You can purchase this label for the template MR183.
      Best Regards

  5. Ok,I received the printer paper and the print out does not line up with the labels. Not even close. Very frustrated with this whole process. How do I get a refund.

    1. Dear customer,
      Sorry for the inconvenience. You can contact us by E-mail sending us your order ID to request a refund.
      Best Regards

  6. Hi,
    In the documentation, it says I can put QR Codes on my labels, but when I am using the barcode function in the design tool, there are many bar code types available, but no QR Code. How do I include a QR Code?

    Thank you

    1. Dear
      Glad to help.
      You can add a QR code to your labels using our new online editing tool. Here are the steps:

      1. Open this link:
      2. In the “edit mode” dropdown menu on the right, select “edit one” (choose this if you want to apply one QR code to all labels) or “edit all” (choose this if you want a different QR code for each label).
      3. In the toolbar on the left, select the fourth icon for barcode style (add barcode or QR code).
      4. Enter the required content in the “QR code data” below, then click the “Generate QR Code” button, and the QR code will be inserted into the design panel.
      5. Adjust the size of the QR code and place it in the appropriate position.
      6. Finally, click “print” at the very top to download a printable PDF file.

      Have a nice day
      Best Regards

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