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MR183 Offline Print Template – 1.02 x 3.31 inch – US Letter Size Sheet – 30 Flag Cable Labels

Model Code: MR183

Flag cable is also called “P typed label” because of its shape.  They were widely used on the labeling of optical fiber cables.

Flag cable label consists of three printable areas,  A side, B side, and Flag Area.  Since Flag Area will be hidden between A side and B side when applied in the field, we usually print information only on A side and B side.

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Template Specifications

Sheet Size:215.9 mm x 279.4 mmLabels Per Sheet:30
Number Across 3Number Down 10
Label Width:84 mm (3.31 inch)Label Height:26 mm (1.02 inch)
Print Area Width:37 mmPrint Area Height : 13 mm
Flag Area Width: 47 mmFlag Area Height : 10 mm
Top Margin:7.95 mmBottom Margin:7.95 mm
Left Margin:7.2 mmRight Margin:7.2 mm
Horizontal Spacing: 6.5 mmVertical Spacing: 2 mm
Horizontal Pitch: 90.5 mmVertical Pitch: 28 mm

11 thoughts on “MR183 Offline Print Template – 1.02 x 3.31 inch – US Letter Size Sheet – 30 Flag Cable Labels

  1. Can you use a Apple Mac computer for the layout tool and print from a apple mac for the MR183 Offline Print Template – 1 x 3.3 inch – US Letter Size Sheet – Flag Cable Labels onto a HP laser printer?? Thanks

    1. Dear customer,
      If you don’t change the layout on your Mac the templates is ok. And it’s ok to print using HP laser printer.
      Best Regards

  2. Did you guys delete my last reply? The template for this for the Mac version doesn’t work, all of the letters aren’t symmetries, the spacing is terrible, it prints out of the lines, can this please be fixed or not?

    1. Dear customer,
      We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience we bring to you.
      We sent you an email that day, maybe it failed.
      We provide you a new word template for you to print, if you have further questions please contact us directly by email.

  3. Some download links are not working.

    The requested URL /print_templates/MR183/ was not found on this server.
    The requested URL /print_templates/MR183/Mr-Label MR183 Landscape Print Template With Icons.doc was not found on this server.

    1. Dear customer,
      Thanks for your feedback.
      We sent you the icon set and template by email, please kindly check.
      Any further questions please feel free to contact us.

  4. Hey,
    I was wondering if i can insert barcode/s in the side A/B. Any suggestion how to insert it, i am using the microsoft excel file to work on.

    1. Dear customer,
      Here is the instruction

  5. I am using windows 10 MS Word downloaded template for MR183 The label page is somewhat larger than paper tray for standard letter on HP M402 . However how do I adjust sine only one clumn lines up

    1. Dear customer,
      Is the paper tray adjustable? You can adjust the width of paper tray to make it fit the paper. And make sure the paper setting in both Word and printer is US letter size.
      Best Regards

  6. WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by searching for a

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