Key Label Printing Tips

Identify sheet size

A4 (210mm x 297mm) or US Letter Size (215.9mm x 279.4mm)? Find the sheet size on the package, and make sure the printer options are set to the correct paper size!

Identify printer compatibility

Some labels are laser printers only, some labels are inkjet printers only, others are compatible with both inkjet and laser printers. Find the printer compatibility information on the package.

Print ratio setting

Make sure your print options are set to ‘Actual Size’ or 1:1 print ratio. If there is a “Fit to Page” in the Print Dialog, or any kind of setting that stretches the image. Switch it off.

Design with tolerance

Printers have an accuracy of approximately 1mm in the vertical and in the horizontal, and the paper can also rotate slightly as it goes through the printer. You need to take this into account when you design your labels. If possible, avoid designing labels with a border around them because any inaccuracy will be visible.

Keep unprinted labels in the wrapping

Labels have moisture in them to help the toner to bond, this will dry out if they are left open to the air. Without the moisture the toner rubs off.

Read the printer manufacturer’s manual

There may be specific settings or instructions which you need to follow for printing labels on your particular printer.

Be patient

The print and the labels do not usually line up exactly when you first print them and fine adjustments are often needed. This is because every printer is slightly different, and reacts differently to the software in use.


First, print onto plain white paper then holds up to the light against a sheet of labels to check that your design is roughly aligned. Adjust your printer and design if necessary.

6 thoughts on “Key Label Printing Tips”

  1. “DO – Feed the labels into the media bypass slot (above the paper tray ) if you have one”

    Obviously it depends on the printer, but for my Brother MFC-L2740, using the manual feed resulted in too many label prints being rotated.
    The problem is it only has one lever to detect paper insert, so it’s easy to feed it in at a tiny skew, without realising.

    My advice is to use the letter tray…

    Remove all paper from the tray, and then place the label sheet print side down. Push it as far back into the tray as it will go (at both corners, so its guaranteed to be lined up). Then close the tray very gently, so the sheet does not move out of position

    Using this method I was able to print labels perfectly every time 🙂

  2. Is there a way I can remove the black outline but leave the text where it is. The black outline is smudging as I am using a wrap around cable template. I am using Microsoft Word on Mac

  3. Absolutely perfect bought Avery Labels first – rubbish got chewed up in my printer ink wouldn’t dry these are absolutely spot on, quick delivery – Thank You

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