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How to use cable label’s mail merge word template?

1 – Download and link the sample Excel

First download the ‘Mail Merge Word Template’ together with the ‘Sample Excel file’.
When you download and save the ‘Mail Merge Word Template’ to your local computer, the link between the ‘Mail Merge Word Template’ and ‘Sample Excel’ will be invalid. You need to link the two files again following the procedures below.

Click “Yes” in the following dialog.

Click ‘Find Data Source’ in the dialog below, then select the ‘Sample Excel’ file in your computer.

Turn on the option ‘First row of data contains column headers’

Now, the Word and Excel files have been linked.

2 – Mail Merge Basics




Mr-Label have already create the mail merge template, you don’t need to select the label type as showed in the video above.

3 – Edit labels – First one for all, then one by one

Design the first label, then apply it to all the rest labels with one click.

With help of the function “Edit Individual Documents”, you have the flexibility to make change for every individual label based on the previous batch design.

After you click the “Edit Individual Documents”, another Word document will be generated, and you will continue to work on this new file,
Remember to save the previous “Mail Merge Word” document for future batch design.

Cable Labels are irregular shaped, and our mail merge template is different with normal one.

As the picture shows below, if you want to change the apperance of B side, you need to apply the same change to both B-Side-Up and B-Side-Down.

If you want to insert a new merge field or add a new line, you need to do it twice. In normal mail merge template, you only need to do it once.

4 – Add pictures and shapes

Add pictures or shapes to the first label, then apply them to all the rest. You can also edit them individually later.

5 – Add Barcodes or QR codes from Mail Merge fields

If the barcode type you plan to add is one of the followings:
We will recommend to use Word’s field code to generate barcode, no extra cost compared with other commercial Barcode Add-In.
Here is the guide: Download

If the barcode type is not one of the list above, then we recommend to use TBarcode Add-Ins.
Here is the guide: GO

Both methods support Mail Merge Fields.

6 – Edit the Excel

While the “Mail Merge Word Document” is open, the related MS Excel file is not editable. you need to close the “Mail Merge Word Document” first before making any changes to the MS Excel file.
After you make changes to the MS Excel file, then open the ““Mail Merge Word Document”, all records and fields will update automatic.

Cable Labels are irregular shaped, so we especially designed a Excel sheet.
Follow the notice in the sheet named “notice”

  1. Input your labels’ contents in the sheet “Input_Label_Content”
  2. If your labels have two lines, input the second line’s contents in the columns “A-Side-2nd_Line” and “B-Side-2nd_Line“
  3. The sheet “For Mail Merge” is especially created for the purpose to use mail merge function in Mr-Label’s irregular shaped cable labels
  4. Apply the formulas in sheet “For Mail Merge” to more rows if necessary.
  5. Don’t change the columns sequence in sheet “Input_Label_Content”.

7 – Design with tolerance

Printers have an accuracy of approximately 1mm in the vertical and in the horizontal, and the paper can also rotate slightly as it goes through the printer. You need to take this into account when you design your labels.

8 – Print

Always test printing on a plain white paper first, then holds up to the light against a sheet of labels to check that your design is roughly aligned. Adjust your printer and design if necessary.

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