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MR730 – 3″ x 3″ – US Letter Sheet – 6 Rectangle Labels

Model Code: MR730
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Template Specifications

Sheet Size: 215.9 mm x 279.4 mm Labels Per Sheet: 6
Number Across 2Number Down 3
Corner Radius: 0.79mm
Label Width: 76.2mmLabel Height: 76.2mm
Top Margin: 15.875mmBottom Margin: 15.875mm
Left Margin: 15.875mm Right Margin: 15.875mm
Horizontal Spacing: 31.75mmVertical Spacing: 9.525mm
Horizontal Pitch: 107.95mmVertical Pitch: 85.725mm

Cross Reference Codes
Same size as Avery Codes: Presta® 94101, Presta 36480, Presta 36481, Presta 36482, Presta 36483, Presta 36484, Presta 36524, Presta 36525, Presta 36526, Presta 36527, Presta 36528, Presta 36574, Presta 36575, Presta 36576, Presta 36577, Presta 36578

About Software Compatible Reference Codes.
Where applicable, our products are the same size format as the Avery product references shown above. These product references are used because they are size formats that are found in most software packages. We list the product references along with our own MR-Label Model Code for your easy cross referencing with the software. Avery and Avery product references are the trade marks of the Avery Dennison Group. MR-Label products are not made or endorsed by the Avery Dennison Group.

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