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Bleed Printing


  • If there is no or not enough vertial_space and horizontal_space in your label sheet, please use solid color as the label’s background. If you use image, there will be some overlap around the labels’ borders.
  • We recommend using seamless background image in your bleed design. But always keep the “overlapped border” in mind.
  • While switching between “Edit one” and “Edit all” mode, keep the checkbox of “bleed print” the same.

What is bleed design?

In the printing world, bleed is a very important concept that deals with the edges of paper and how it is printed or cut. Since printers essentially grab each sheet of paper by the edges to feed it through the printer, no printer is capable of printing all the way to the outer edge of the material.

In addition, paper and other material is often printed at a very high speed, which can cause it to not feed through the printer in exact perfect alignment—even when using a professional printing service.

If you print words, logos or images all the way to the edges of your template, they will likely end up appearing slightly cut off in the final product. Understanding bleed margins help prevent this problem by expanding the text or image outside of the designated printed area, resulting in a polished and professional final product.

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