Mr-Label Self-Laminating Wrap Around Cable Labels – US Letter Sheets – Letter Sheet Laser Printer Only – for Wire Marking Identification


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  • SAVE YOU HEADACHES: When you’re up to your neck in a large number of cables while wiring, chase them all down probably takes all your strength. Put two Mr-Label self-laminating cable labels at each end of each cable, will emancipate you from the big chore, and save you a lot of headaches if rewiring is needed further on down the road.
  • HEAT RESISTANT: Maximum 120°C (248°F) high-temperature resistance, Mr-Label’s quality cable labels hold up in laser printers which have high temperature while working, and will not fall off when labeling.
  • SELF-LAMINATING AND SELF-ADHESIVE: Include a white print-on area and clear over-laminate to protect the legend for clear and durable identification. They adhere on the cable, without slipping.
  • TIME SAVING LABELING: Mr-Label provides you multiple print templates on for free. For heavy user and corporate project, you can print a mass of labels simultaneously. For small amount of cables, you can choose to write on as well (A fine permanent marker is a necessity.)
  • PARAMETERS: Label size: 57.2mm × 25.4mm (2.25” × 1”); print-on area: 25.4mm × 19.1mm (1” × 0.75”); sheet size: US Letter, 215.9mm × 279.4mm (8.5” × 11”). Applicable cable outside diameter: 6.1mm ~ 12.1mm (0.24″ ~ 0.48″); Wire Range: Network Ethernet cables (Cat. 6 FTP/Cat. 6A UPT/Cat. 6A FTP, Cat.5e UTP/Cat.5e FTP); 8 – 4 AWG; AC power cables; Phone & Tablet cables; etc. Please measure the cable outside diameter first if you don’t find yours within the recommended wire range.
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Why this label limits the maximum and minimum cable outside diameter (Cable O.D.)?

Max. Cable O.D.: On a cable has a diameter larger than 12.1 mm (0.48″), the length of the laminate area will not cover the print-on area, so that will not protect the printing/writing.

Min. Cable O.D.: On a cable has a diameter smaller than 6.1 mm (0.24″), part of the print-on area will be overlapped, which means the printing might be covered. For example, the label works with Cat. 5e UTP, but the print-area will be 3.1 mm (0.12″) overlapped. This requires you bottom align your printing on the print-on area.

Print Templates:

1. MS Word template: If you are more comfortable in Microsoft Word, we recommend downloading our MS word .doc files.

2. PDF template: If you are using Adobe products, such as Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat or Reader, we recommend downloading the .pdf file.

3. Open Office: If you are not quite sure, or do not have preferred software, we will point you in the direction of Open Office, a free word processor you can download – including on both Windows and Mac OS.

4. Online print: You can download the .jpg file as a background, and design your label on some free web-based image editing software like Pixlr.

5. Step by step guidance for how to Import labels’ contents from MS Excel to our MS Word template for massive print.

If you are a Mac OS user, we recommend using OpenOffice template, PDF template, or the online print methods.

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