MR182 Offline Template – 84 x 26mm – A4 Sheet – 30 Flag Cable Labels

Model Code: MR182

Flag cable is also called “P typed label” because of its shape. They were widely used on the labeling of optical fiber cables.

Flag cable label consists of three printable areas, A side, B side, and Flag Area. Since Flag Area will be hidden between A side and B side when applied in the field, we usually print information only on A side and B side.

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Template Specifications

Sheet Size:210 mm x 297 mmLabels Per Sheet:30
Number Across 3Number Down 10
Label Width:84 mmLabel Height:26 mm
Print Area Width:37 mmPrint Area Height : 13 mm
Flag Area Width: 47 mmFlag Area Height : 10 mm
Top Margin:5 mmBottom Margin:5 mm
Left Margin:7.5 mmRight Margin:7.5 mm
Horizontal Spacing: 15 mmVertical Spacing: 2 mm
Horizontal Pitch: 99 mmVertical Pitch: 28 mm

14 thoughts on “MR182 Offline Template – 84 x 26mm – A4 Sheet – 30 Flag Cable Labels”

    1. Dear customer,
      We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience we bring to you.
      Could you please send us some picture of your printed labels? We will check what the problem is.
      Any further questions please feel free to contact us. Our service email address:

  1. I have the MR182 labels, and I have the MS Word Template. I notice you refer to 30 device icons on your web page – where do I find these, and how do I use them.

    Kind regards,

  2. Good afternoon:

    Your Word/Adobe template is not the correct dimensions when printed. I am able to enter text into you templates however when I print, the text are offset and don’t not align with the labels. Your header states its a A4 Sheet but its not.
    The “P typed labels” papers stock is larger than the letter/A4 dimensions.

    Please advise on a fix, I am using Office 365 and Adobe Standard.

  3. Update:

    your revised template is still incorrect.

    I as a customer should not have to spend hours trying to format your existing template to make my labels print correctly.
    Once again, your label stock is larger than a typical A4 and Letter dimensions.
    Your Stock is: (L) 11 3/4”, (W) 8 3/8”
    An A4/Letter stock is: (L) 11”, (W) 8.5”

    I have wasted way too much time trying to resolve the issues related to you product.

    1. Mr-label's Service

      Dear customer,
      You can check it in Wikipedia, the size of A4 sheet is 210 mm x 297 mm (8.27” x 11.67”), and the size of US letter sheets is 8.5” x 11”. MR182 is the label for A4 sheet. Hope our reply can help you, thank you.

  4. Your templates are absolute JUNK! I’ve tried two of them, the word version and the online version that saves to a pdf and ruined two pages of labels trying to print. They are totally not spaced correctly. You should not even offer templates rather than offer bad ones so people would know they just needed to write on the labels rather than ruin them!!!

    1. Dear customer,
      We tested the templates and they works fine. There could be something wrong with settings so we suggest print on plain A4 paper fisrt to avoid wasting labels sheets. You can try checking paper size settings in printer setting and Word setting. And you can try unchecking the Scale content if you are using Word template.
      Best Regards

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