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MR610 – 57.2 x 25.4mm – US Letter Sheet – 32 Wrap-around Cable Labels

Model Code: MR610


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Template Specifications

Sheet Size:215.9 mm x 279.4 mmLabels Per Sheet:32
Number Across 8 Number Down 4
Label Width:25.4 mm Label Height:57.2 mm
Print Area Width:25.4 mmWrapping Tab Width:25.4 mm
Print Area Height:19.1 mm Wrapping Tab Height:38.1 mm
Top Margin:10.3 mm Bottom Margin:10.3 mm
Left Margin:6.35 mm Right Margin:6.35mm
Horizontal Spacing:0Vertical Spacing:10mm
Horizontal Pitch:25.4mm Vertical Pitch:67.2 mm

7 thoughts on “MR610 – 57.2 x 25.4mm – US Letter Sheet – 32 Wrap-around Cable Labels

  1. Hi,
    I have 500 + cables to label. How can I extract the label text from an excel sheet sort of typing every single label on the template?
    Thank you
    Charles Hamilton
    Magnum Instruments

    1. Dear customer,
      You can refer to this link which is “How to use addresses from an Excel worksheet to create labels in Word”:
      More other questions you can see our Label Learning Center here:

  2. Cannot download templates for
    MR610 – 57.2 x 25.4mm – US Letter Sheet – 32 Wrap-around Cable Labels

    Any advice?

    1. Dear customer,
      We sent you the templates by email, please check.

  3. i have 3 different field for the sheet.
    please advice mine is not working.

    1. Dear customer,
      Please feel free to contact us by E-mail if you have any problems using template.
      Best Regards

  4. In case this helps others. I downloaded MR610-MAC.docx. When I print on my Mac (running Big Sur) using Word 365 (Version 16.43) the borders are printed unless I uncheck “Drawing Objects” from “Include in Print Version”. The “Print background colors and images” was already unchecked.

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