Mr-Label – Plastic Seals Shipping Tags – Self-Locking Zip Ties Tags – Write On Snap-Off Tags With Printable Labels – for Luggage|Pipes|Wheelchairs


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BIG SIZE FOR VARIOUS SCENES – The size of this shipping tag is 2.28″x3.93″(58x100mm), which suitable for many other scenes besides shipping tags. They are big enough for a lot of information or just big names with a Sharpie. You can use them to label the major water and gas valves or other pips around the house and shop, or tag tool bags instead of opening up each one to see what tool you had stored in them. They are also perfect for labeling wheelchairs, items at a storage facility etc.


LOCK IT FOREVER OR MAKE IT REUSABLE – There are two “locking” types with this shipping tag. If you want to use them for a long-term purpose, lock it through the upper hole and the tie can’t be pulled out. However, if you need to change them frequently, there is also another “non-locking” hole on the lower place that can be used for a less-permanent solution, which mean the tie can be pulled out any time.


PRINTABLE LABELS FOR MASSIVE USE – Of course you can write on the tags using permanent markers or sharpies, but when there are massive information to put on you get a sore hand. Don’t worry, there are printable labels come with the tags. Insert information using template, print them and stick labels to the tags, job done!

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Due to the durable material and big size, these heavy duty shipping tags can be used in a lot different scenes, for example, label the weird pipes and wires and switches around the house and shop — wherever other people will need help to understand what they are looking at, label the thru-hull valves on your sailboat, use them to permanently identify cables and hoses on farm equipment or use them to tag horse blankets, tool boxes and wheelchairs.

To free you from a sore hand, there comes with printable labels so you can use your computer for a time-saving job. And of course, if there are not so much work to do, permanent markers and sharpies can work with the tags too.

The tag has two locking type for different purpose of use. Lock the tie through the upper hole for permanent use-once the tie is locked it can’t be pulled out, and lock the tie through the lower hole for reusable purpose-the tie can be pulled out any time.

Tag size: 2.28″x3.93″(58x100mm).
Zip tie length: suitable for items which thickness or diameter from 1” (25mm)~3.75”(95mm) .
Tag material: plastic.
Printable labels size:
sheet size: A4 sheet 8.27″x11.69″(210x297mm);
label size: 3.74″x2.2″ (96x56mm); 10 labels per sheet;

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25 Tags(5 Assorted Colors), 50 Tags(5 Assorted Colors), 25 Tags(White), 50 Tags(White), 25 Tags(Yellow)


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