Mr-Label Reusable Cable Ties – Hook and Loop Fastening Wire Securing Straps – for Cord Management (9”/229mm, 30 pcs)


  • EASE OF USING – Clean up the wire mess with ease. They are very easy to setup and cinch down. The hole lets you attach the tie to the cable, then wrap the tie around the cable and slip the end through the cable. When you unwrap them, they stay attached to the cord, so you don’t have to hunt them down later when you need to wrap the cords again. No more wrestling with a big ball of tangled cables, make the area behind your workstation doesn’t look like a fire hazard.
  • HOLDING FAST – It creates a firm grip on the cable, and stay put as long as you want because each tie fastens on itself with hook and loop grip along the entire length of a tie, on both sides.
  • REUSABLE – They act as a zip tie or an electrical tape, but replace them where you want is the talent of these straps. What’s more, they still hold strong after they are moved around many times.
  • OTHER USES – There are multiple little uses of these hook and loop straps. You can them to tie rose branches to support poles in your garden; make them as impromptu curtain ties; put them on your luggage handles to distinguish them from all the other similar suitcases; etc.
  • Dimensions: Main strap part: 12 mm × 235 mm (0.47” × 9.25”). Total strap: 20 mm × 250 mm (0.79” × 9.84”).
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